Absentee Bidding

Bidding at our auctions is easy. When you bid for land online you should know your options and Absentee Bidding works well for many customers.

Absentee Bidding is a great option and enables you to leave an advance bid and not have to worry about actively participating in the live, on-line auction at just the right time.

When on the auction site and ready to bid on an item in advance, clients just need to:

  • Choose Absentee Bidding
  • Review the two options - for a Straight Bid or for a Max Bid
    • A Straight Bid is for an exact amount (exactly $100 dollars)
    • A Max Bid allows you to set the maximum amount you will pay for an item (up to, but not to exceed, $100 dollars)
  • Advantages of the Max Bid
    • Automatic - as others are bidding on the item, with a Max Bid, automatic, slightly higher bids will continually be placed (in your name) against the other bids, to keep you as "the winner"
    • Fits the Client's Lifestyle - leaving a Max Bid is flexible, you don't have to worry about attending the "live" auction, but can still win the items of your choice.
    • Can Save A Client Money - but this does not mean that it will automatically reach that maximum amount, instead, it will stop when there are no other higher bids. With a max bid, clients may end up winning the bid at 50% of their max, 75%, or 100%, all depending on the other competing bids.