Single Payment Land Sales Explained

Many parcels of government land for sale on are available as a single payment sale, which means that what you bid is the total price you pay for the property, plus the 17.5% buyer's premium and $249 processing fee. There are no monthly payments if you buy raw land for sale.

For example, you find a lot in California you're interested in and you bid $5,000 for it. If you're the winning bidder, all you will pay for this land is your bid of $5,000 plus the 17.5% buyer's premium and one-time processing fee of $249. After your land purchase is complete, we record the sale with the local County Assessor showing you as the new owner in the public record. Once recorded, you will receive the free and clear title via a Warranty Deed.

In a timed auction, single payment land sales usually have a guideline value reserve price, or minimum price that must be met. If the land’s guideline value reserve price is not met during a timed auction, that parcel of land will not sell. In a Live Auction of empty lots of land for sale, however, there is no guideline value reserve price, allowing for a straight sale. Single payment sales in Buy It Now listings will state the selling price up front.

On, you’ll find a variety of surplus empty land lots for sale, and foreclosures or farm land being auctioned as a straight sale. For example, if you’re buying previously-owned government land at auction for farming, hunting or fishing, we feature large parcels of recreational-use empty land lots for sale. You’ll also find auctions of government farm and ranch land located in areas established specifically for this use, such as Wyoming, Colorado and Texas.

If you’re interested in vacation areas, we have land in areas such as Arizona, Hawaii and California. If you’re interested in buying rural empty land lots for sale as an investment, you’ll find cheap rural empty land lots for sale, ideally situated in locations that have the greatest potential for growth and increase in land guideline value, including states such as California, Nevada and Texas.