Learn About Types of Free Government Auctions

On GovernmentAuction.com, you’ll find three types of online United States government land sale auctions:

  — Timed auctions
  — Live auctions
  — Buy It Now listings

Timed government land auctions last anywhere from 1 to 7 days. A 7-day Online timed real estate auction begins on Monday morning and ends on Sunday evening. During the 7-day period, you can log into GovernmentAuction.com and join an auction at your convenience to bid on government land for sale. During a timed auction, you can bid on all kinds of land—from government-seized property to ranch land and recreational-use land. Learn more about regular auctions >>

Live government real estate auctions occur on a set date and at a specific time. They are exciting, real-time auctions conducted by a GovernmentAuction.com auctioneer. Live auctions are typically announced up 14 days before they begin, at which time you can preview the parcels of land that will be up for sale. To bid on a parcel of government land for sale during a Live Auction, you must log in to GovernmentAuction.com at the start of the auction. If you are not able to attend a live auction, you can place an Absentee Bid during the auction preview period. Learn more about live government real estate auctions >>

Buy It Now government land auctions feature parcels of government land you can buy immediately, either at a set price (single payment sale) or for a down payment and monthly payments on the balance of the Seller Note (financed sale). If you don’t want to risk being outbid for that parcel of government surplus land you’re interested in, then purchasing land through a Buy It Now listing is your best bet. Learn more about Buy It Now auctions >>

GovernmentAuction.com also sells assets and collectibles such as jewelry, loose stones and precious gems; fine art such as prints, bronzes, sculptures; rare coins; and sports memorabilia. Learn more about asset auctions >>

To view the online land auctions and features of United States land, as well as online asset auctions at GovernmentAuction.com, register for free today. It only takes a few minutes to register, and there are no membership costs.