Why Buy Seized Land at Auction Through Government Auction

Land can become a fantastic investment. Many of the world’s wealthiest individuals have made their fortune from buying and selling land. Year over year, land typically produces income for those who rent it or develop it. As the supply of land decreases while the demand increases, land can continue to increase in value over the long term.

Owning land is the quintessential American dream. When you own land, you own a part of America. When you purchase land in the U.S., it is yours forever unless you sell it. There are many reasons why land investment is beneficial. A few of the most popular reasons for buying land include:

  — To pay for a child’s college education or your retirement with the profits from selling land

  — To custom-build a home for a vacation, retirement or primary residence

  — To use for sporting activities such as hunting and fishing

  — To realize tax advantages

  — To use as an investment for a self-directed IRA


Buying land from a US government auction sale can be more advantageous than buying a new or existing home. When residential real estate prices decrease, the cost of land typically increases and can be a solid investment.
The increase in the cost of land is likely to outpace the cost of building a home on it. Plus, land prices often do not fluctuate as much as prices for existing homes.

Home prices generally mirror the inflation rate, but land typically increases in value based on how much money it can generate from activities such as farming or ranching, as well as its commercial or residential development potential. And when the housing market is down, land prices don’t tend to fall as much as the price of homes does. This is because a housing market can be overbuilt, but land can’t.