Live Online Seized Government Land Auctions

Live auctions are an exciting way to purchase cheap government land for sale. Our live auctions feature affordable land for sale throughout the United States, including rural and raw investment land, recreational properties for hunting and fishing, seizured land, farm land, ranch land and foreclosures that range in size from 1 to 640 acres.

You’ll find incredible sales offers of real estate and recreational land in prime vacation destinations like Florida, California, Colorado and Hawaii. Many of these vacation properties are located near lakes, mountains, golf courses, amusement parks and other local attractions.

You’ll also find ranch land and farm land located in states with large parcels of land well-suited for ranching and farming, such as Texas, Colorado and Wyoming.

If you’re looking for investment or asset liquidation government properties, we offer rural land in areas likely to increase in value, such as Nevada, Texas, and California.


Live auctions may be announced up 14 days before the auction begins. Once a live auction is announced, you can preview the items that will be available for sale. Depending on the number of properties and government land for sale available for auction and the number of bidders participating, live government land auctions typically last from one to three hours.

There are a couple of advantages of live auctions. When you participate in a live auction, you don’t have to wait a week for the auction to end (as in a timed auction) and risk the chance of losing an item because you forgot the auction end time and were outbid at the last minute. In addition, there is no reserve price for land sold at live auctions. Some people believe you can get a better deal without a reserve price set.

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Absentee Bidding for Seized Government Property for Sale

If you can’t attend a scheduled live auction, you can submit an Absentee Bid. An Absentee Bid is a pre-bid on individual properties you’re interested in for sale, such as seized government property, foreclosed land, luxurious vacation property, government surplus land, your dream retirement property, premium rural land, quality farm land or ranch land or recreational land for hunting, fishing or property investment. To submit a pre-bid for a live auction, register for free at Registration is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation that you are approved to bid in the live auction.


When you are signed in to and previewing all the incredible government real estate for sale by owner, simply click on the “Bid Now” button next to the property you’re interested in bidding on and enter your bid amount. You should enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item.

After you submit your absentee bid, you will be directed to a page containing the terms of the sale and the terms of the auction. In order for your pre-bid to be accepted, you must read and agree to the terms.

Please note that your absentee bid is a legally binding agreement. You should place a bid only if you are serious about purchasing the item.

Once you have placed your absentee bid, you will receive a confirmation by email. Absentee bidding is an excellent way to participate in a live auction if you will not be able to be present.

Live Real Estate Auction Events for Government Land in the U.S.

Live auctions are held at a set time and are conducted by an experienced online auctioneer. This usually generates a lot of excitement and bidding activity. Just prior to the beginning of a live auction, you join the auction online and place your bid. You will be bidding against other online bidders at the auction website.

The auction house may set a starting price set for each parcel of US government land for sale through auctions. The auctioneer receives all online bids, including absentee bids. Online bids appear next to the land for sale. The auctioneer will give fair warning prior to closing a parcel of land—whether it is seized, unclaimed or foreclosed government property, and call for last chance bids. Once all bids have been received, the auctioneer will close the item and announce the winning bid.

Absentee bidding is often used for live auctions. Here is an example of absentee bidding for an item in a live government land auction:

  — The starting price for a parcel of government land is set at $200 by the auctioneer.

  — You entered an absentee bid of $250 and a maximum bid amount of $900.

  — Another bidder bids $300.

  — Your pre-bid automatically increases to $350 (bid increments are set at $50).

  — Each time someone bids an amount higher than your pre-bid, your bid automatically increases, up to your maximum bid.

  — After accepting bids from the floor, online bids and absentee bids, the auctioneer land auction closes at $850.

  — You win the auction for $850 because you placed a maximum bid of $900.


Can’t attend a live auction? Learn how to submit an Absentee Bid.