Financed Sales of Seized Property with Online Auctions

Many of the government land sales on are financed sales, which means that what you bid on the property is your down payment. Using our online auction system, you can find tax sales or foreclosed property sold to us by different states and local county government—and you can win the auction by bidding on the down payment. We then deduct your bid amount from the purchase price as your down payment. You then begin making monthly payment as stated in the terms. With a financed sale, you will always know the full balance due prior to bidding.


Let’s say you bid $900 on a parcel of land and you are the winning bidder. Your $900 bid is the down payment. You then assume the remaining balance amortized at 8.5-9.5% interest, depending on the property, and all you make is a minimum monthly payment for the life of the Seller Note, plus pay a one-time processing fee of $249 and a 17.5% buyer's premium on your down payment amount only.

After you make the initial payment (the winning bid amount and processing fee), we process all paperwork. You will then receive a DocuSign Contract to review within 2 business days. Once the Contract is signed and returned to us, we set up your AutoPal account and you can access it 24/7. You can make monthly auto-payments through AutoPal or by personal check, wire transfer, money order or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). 

If you would rather pay the full amount of the property up front, you can do that, too. There are never any penalties for prepayment or early payoff.

You can identify a financed government surplus sale in the terms section on the property profile page. Once your property is paid for in full, the property will be transferred to you via a Warranty Deed.