– Auctioning Hunting Land in New Mexico (NM)

Looking for hunting property to invest in? Visit, engaged in auctioning raw land in NM. They purchase Government property in bulk and resell these at 30% to 60% savings. They also provide finance regardless of credit history, so anyone having low credit history can also get funded by them.

Discussing it, a senior executive with the company said, “You’ll be delighted to hear we offer no qualifying and no credit check financing. You get properties with very low down and monthly payments. Everyone is approved, regardless of credit history! Every customer is treated as if they’ve an A+ credit rating.”

No fee is required to register or bid on, contrary to other companies that usually charge a membership fee of $50-$100. Bidding for some Live auction events starts as low as $1 and a few select properties are offered with payments as low as $99. Closing Prices are just $199 per property. They accept all forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard and American Express; cashiers’ check, wire transfers and money order. takes care of all the paperwork to ensure hassle-free transaction for the clients. As the executive stated, “When working with us, you need not worry a bit about paperwork. The company guarantees free and clear title to every property listed. We don’t take into account your credit history, so it lessens the paperwork as well.”

Investing in hunting land in NM allows people to be very creative with their plans. Real estate options in NM are enormous. Many people hunting property for sale in NM to sell it later, lease out the raw land for hunting or fishing or use it for personal recreation.

About is among the largest government real estate auctions companies in the US. For buying hunting land in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and any other state, they are a preferred seller. Land parcels are available for sale in the size from 1 acre to 640 acres.

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