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Property Information

Price: $19,791
County: Humboldt
State: NV
Size: 40.18 Acres
Contact Seller: Jeff Moore
Phone: (661) 547-7767


Parcel: 40 acre tracts for sale in Nevada at this price and terms are extremely rare. This may well be the lowest “per acre” priced land in the United States that offers a warranty deed. At $494 per acre this is the best value available anywhere. History proves you can’t lose money owning land if purchased cheap enough and held long enough!

APN: 010-601-08 Lot 4 Sec. 7 T36N R37E MDB&M
Price: $19,791 ($494/ac) with $500 down and the balance of $19,291 payable at $227/mo (with no prepayment penalties).
Interest Rate: 9.5%
Access Roads: Access easements have been recorded to the parcel but an actual road may or may not exist at this time.
Property Taxes: Less than $250 per year!
Deed Type: Warranty
Improvements: This is raw, undeveloped land and no improvements or homeowner services of any nature are being represented.
Zoning: Agricultural/Residential
County Assessor: 775-623-6310

About: Humboldt County
This superb parcel is located in Humboldt County, Nevada. This is a great location with open space–there is a lot of room for various uses of land. Industries providing employment in Humboldt County: Agriculture,forestry,fishing and hunting, and mining (24.6%), Educational,health and social services (14.5%), Arts,entertainment,recreation, accommodation and food services (13.2%), Retail trade (12.2%).

Winnemucca is only a short drive away, it is the Cowboy Country and houses the Buckaroo Hall of Fame at the Convention Center, as well as playing host to a large variety of rodeo and roping events throughout the year. The county has some of the most productive gold mines in the United States. In addition agriculture, construction, and tourism are also a major part of its economy.

Parks in Humboldt County include: Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Natural Area, Santa Rosa State Game Refuge.