Using Land Purchased from Government Auctions

Land is one of the most precious commodities in the entire world. It’s no wonder that people are quick to bid on land that has been foreclosed on or repossessed by the government. This land has many different possibilities if the right people are willing to invest in it with a cohesive plan. When someone is unable to continue to make payments on a piece of land, it can be foreclosed n by the bank. Land is a bit trickier to deal with, as it is an active part of the state and surrounding area. This means that the land must be zoned, or approved, for certain uses. This requires local permissions and permits that must be attained prior to deciding on how to use your new land.

People may have an idea of how to use their land prior to buying, or they may be waiting to decide based on recommendations from friends and investors. Planning is absolutely crucial at every part of the land buying and development stages. Check out surrounding areas, and see what kinds of possibilities there are for similar land parcels. You also need to make sure that that there are no protected environments or government regulations placed on the land. Nothing is quite as frustrating as starting plans for a project, only to find out that you can’t get the proper permits due to governments or environmental protections.

Government Auctions

Once you’ve made sure that the land can be used for almost anything- it’s finally time to decide how you’d like to proceed. Will it be a business or residential venture? Is it for personal use, or will it be a public destination? There are so many questions that will need to be answered prior to breaking ground on anything. The internet now provides us with so many options to find land for sale all over the country. There are more possibilities and opportunities than there ever have been, and it’s so important to plan ahead. These are just some of the possibilities for land:

Real Estate

Whether you’ve purchased a single lot or a much larger parcel of land, most land is already zoned for residential use. Even if you aren’t keen on being a landlord, it’s still a good idea to build a home or houses and to sell them. If the property is located in a good area with access to the right amenities-you can make your money back and then some!

Build a Preservation or Community Park

There are all sorts of grants and funds available for those who choose to use their land to improve the space around them. Or, you can simply designate it as a wildlife preserve. You own it, and there’s no reason not to stop all hunting fishing on your land. You can also have it zoned as a park or sell it to the city to use a community property. The possibilities are endless with either donation or a project for the surrounding population.

Create an Orchard

Planting fruit trees for personal or commercial use can be a great use of land. It helps to preserve the natural environment while still allowing for an income. Having an orchard can create a wonderful place for families to visit, and a place to employ community and family members.

Green Energy

This is a fantastic time to invest in green energy. Solar power, wind energy, and even hydroelectricity are all possibilities when you own land. The concept of a solar farm has become even more affordable, and provides excellent returns on most investments. There are also government subsidies that can help to cover the costs of green energies.

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