Affordable Land Area Available in Colorado

I’ve always dreamed of living in the state of Colorado. The wide-open spaces and the mountain views are like no other in the country. I’ve lived in the suburbs most of my life surrounded by houses and the occasional city park. I went to college at a University in the city. I live in a condo and walk to work in the city. I’m tired of the concrete life and have decided that it is now or never. I’m going to find land for sale in Colorado and make the big move.

I have only vacationed in Colorado a few times, been to Denver, and have driven through the state. From what I see, it has everything that I am dreaming of. I want land where I can have some small farm animals, plant a garden, and raise a family. I have a job that allows me to work from my home computer so earning money is not a problem. I just need to find the right piece of land for sale in Colorado for my little micro farm and at a price that I can afford to pay.

Available in Colorado

My first step is to take a day off and get all the paperwork in order. I must rework my budget, calculate my savings account, and determine how much I can make by selling my condo. Next, I’ll go to the bank and apply for a home loan.

If I’m approved, with my down payment, I’ll know how much money I have to spend on land for sale in Colorado. Knowing my spending limit will help me to limit my search to just those properties that are budget friendly. I can’t spend all the money I have on the land because then I won’t have any left for building, for buying animals, or for moving expenses.

With the budget set, I make my list of items that the land for sale in Colorado must have. For instance, I work from home so I need internet access. The land must be nice for raising animals and building a home, if it doesn’t already have one. I don’t want to be bothered with running electricity or water lines so that must already exist. Finally, I need at least an acre but not more than four, that is zoned for farm animals and family living.

While searching for land for sale in Colorado, I discover that there are many properties ready for someone to love. The acreage ranges from half an acre to more than 40.

The prices also vary as do the way the land must be purchased. Some is up for auction while others require a by-it-now approach. If I’m careful, I will be find exactly what I need and want for a price that I can afford to pay. It won’t be long before I’m moving to Colorado to start my new life.

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