FAQs – Government Foreclosure Listings in My Area


  1. What is the APN for a parcel of land?
  2. Why are there no exact photos of the land being auctioned?
  3. Can you send me photos of the exact parcel of land for sale?
  4. How can a person bid on land auctions not represented by exact photos and specifics on property?
  5. How do I know what is actually on the land before I make a bid?
  6. If a listing has no bid after the closing date, what happens to it?
  7. For Bid & Assume sales, is the interest rate negotiable?
  8. How do you determine the price for a parcel of land?
  9. Is a bid to buy land a bid to purchase the complete parcel outright or a bid for the down payment?
  10. Does the land you sell come with mineral rights?
  11. Does the land you sell come with oil and gas rights?
  12. Are there any usage restrictions on the land you sell?
  13. The land auction that I am interested in says it is financed. Does that mean there is a balance on the land?
  14. For a Bid & Assume sale, how many years long is the payment schedule?
  15. For a Bid & Assume sale, can I pay off the mortgage early without penalty?
  16. I am interested in purchasing property through your government foreclosure listings in my area, but the emails I get from you does not come with enough advance notice to see the property before I make a bid. Is there any way to get advance notice?
  17. How do I perform due diligence on property for auction in Canada?
  18. What is the turnaround time after I have won a bid?
  19. When the sale is complete, what documents will I receive and what do I need to do after that?
  20. Are there any restrictions on non-U.S. citizens purchasing land from GovernmentAuction.com?
  21. I purchased land through a financed sale. Can I set up automatic monthly payments?
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